We build passive houses throughout New Zealand that are healthy, comfortable and energy efficient

Passive houses change the way we live. Considering a new build or interested in a renovation to turn your existing home into a passive house? Find out just how you can benefit from one at very little cost.

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The benefits of a Passive house for you


Low energy use and big savings

The most obvious upside to a home that heats and cools itself without an air conditioner or a furnace is the monthly energy costs: They’re typically close to zero.


High indoor air quality (less sneezing!)

Conventional buildings don’t give you much control over the ventilation because they’re not airtight, Since a passive home has a killer ventilation system, it filters out pollen quickly, a major bonus for anyone with allergies.


A totally quiet house

Another benefit of airtightness is sound quality. When the doors and windows are shut, the house is almost completely silent. Even ambient noise is reduced since there isn’t central air turning off and on.


A future-proofed home

By building a passive house now in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui or Papamoa, your home will more than likely still be compliant in 30, or even 50 years.

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Passive houses are the future of the house building industry in New Zealand

A passive house is a fabric ­first approach to achieving comfortable and healthy buildings. Designing a passive house demands a great understanding of energy flow in houses. A passive house can save you up to 90% on your annual energy bills for heating and cooling.

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The 5 Steps to Building a Passive House

Pre-planning, positioning, insulation, windows, and air are good components on their own. However, when they work in collaboration together they are great and can achieve the highest standard of efficiency - Passive House.
A home’s components all interact and affect one another. Each of these components such as, architectural form, framing, insulation and other systems must be planned for in conjunction to each other.
Before building can begin, a site for the Passive Home must be mindfully selected. The site must have good solar access, maximize cooling breezes yet remain sheltered from cold winds.
In order to minimize heat gain in the summer and heat loss during winter materials such as; concrete, brick, stone, and tile on the insulated layer will help even out temperature fluctuations as they occur.
The selection of high-performance windows will help maximize heat gain during winter and minimize heat gain during summer months. Window eaves should also be used to limit exposure to the high summer sun and allow the low winter sun in.
With the home so well sealed and insulated the indoor air quality must be maintained through the use of a Heat Recovery Ventilator or a HRV. A HRV brings in fresh outdoor air while removing the warm stale air/pollutants. .

What our clients say

  • Being new to the Bay of Plenty, we asked around neighbours and local tradesmen for recommendations for a good builder to assist us with renovations to our home.We were recommended Ricki Helagi from Passive House Builders, whom we were assured, is honest, reliable and has a reputation for completing high quality builds.

    It was a very good experience for us and we would highly recommend Passive House Builders to others.
    Peter & Dee McCrea
  • Our build contained a number of features that differed from the norm (ply lined ceilings, negative detailing, full height glazing, an insulated concrete pad on cupolex formwork etc). Ricky was open to new ideas, consulted the plans and executed the build efficiently and accurately. He was happy to bring up and discuss changes to plans where there was a better way to manage a part of the build.

    We thoroughly recommend Ricky as a quality builder, we’re very happy for anyone to give us a call and visit our home to see the excellent work that he’s undertaken. We wish him all the best in his future work and we’ll be calling on him ourselves when we need a quality builder.

    Vince Ford
  • The biggest thing for us was trust, having a builder that you can trust to give you an honest days work but also someone who cares about the project and working with you to get a great end result. Passive house builders were tidy, methodical and well equipped.

    Building a house is stressful and it was great to have someone who is approachable, takes the time to explain the process and keeps you in the picture, which is especially helpful so that you can be prepared for whats coming next and plan accordingly.

    Jono Moynan
  • I would have no hesitation recommending Passive House Builders to friends or colleges to carry our building work. They arrived when they said they would, they did what was asked, they completed the work in the time frame allotted, came in on budget and where a pleasure to deal with. When changes had to be made they sought the best alternative, there were no dramas or anything in the too hard basket. 

    I have pencilled Passive House Builders in for a building renovation in the new year and look forward to many more successful projects together.

    Paul Devitt

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